How to Pair Garmin vívosmart with Your Smartphone?

Date Posted:3 November 2015 

Before you can pair your vívosmart device with your mobile device, your mobile device must support Bluetooth Smart wireless technology. You can use the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app to pair your vívosmart device and complete the setup process. This allows you to share and analyze data and download software updates from your mobile device.

NOTE: You can pair your vívosmart device with only one mobile device at a time.  Your vívosmart device must be paired directly through the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

1.) Make sure that the Bluetooth feature is turned on your phone.

2.) Keep your mobile device within 3 metres or 10 ft. of your vívosmart device.

3.) Go to on your mobile browser, and then download and install the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your phone. 

4.) Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account or sign in to your existing Garmin Connect account. 


5.) When the screen that asks “Do you have a Garmin device to connect” appears, select Yes > Health & Fitness > vívosmart.


6.) Enter your profile information, then select Next. This allows the vivosmart to assign personalized goals and learn your activity level.

7.) When the device is found, select Yes.

8.) Enter the pairing code displayed on your vivosmart on your phone, then select Pair.

9.) Select Done. The vívosmart and your smartphone should now be paired, and the vívosmart will sync.

Turning Off Bluetooth Wireless Technology

  1. Hold the touchscreen on your vívosmart to view the menu.

  2. Select  > Turn Off to turn off Bluetooth wireless technology on your vívosmart® device.

Bluetooth Connected Features

The vívosmart device has several Bluetooth connected features for your compatible mobile device using the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

  • Notifications: Vibrates and displays notifications of incoming texts, email messages, calls, calendar reminders, and more.
  • Find my phone: Helps locate a lost mobile device that is paired using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Abandoned phone alert: Vibrates and alerts you when your paired mobile device is no longer within Bluetooth wireless technology range.
  • Music controls: Music player controls for your paired mobile device.
  • Activity uploads to your Garmin Connect account: Allows you to send activity data to your paired mobile device. You can view your data in Garmin Connect Mobile app.

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