Infographic: Nokia Activité Steel Product Review

Date Posted:28 June 2017 

There are lots of fitness trackers out there and Nokia1 have taken a simple and functional approach to it. Instead of going for the modern tech look like most fitness brands, Nokia Activité Steel went for a beautiful and classic look and cleverly loaded an excellent daily activity tracker in it. Learn more about it in the infographic product review below.
Infographic: Withings Activité Steel Product Review
Infographic: Withings Activite product highlights and core functions
Infographic: Withings Activite Design is classic, elegant, & stylish.
Infographic: Withings Activite Features & Physical Specifications
Infographic: Withings Activite Health Mate app features or functions
Infographic: Withings Activite Resource Page and Contact Information
1Nokia has acquired Withings earlier this year. See official press release.

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