How to Pair Garmin Forerunner 15 with a Heart Rate Monitor?

Date Posted:17 November 2015 

If your Forerunner 15 did not come packaged with a heart rate monitor, and you purchased one separately or want to use one from another Garmin device, you’ll need to pair it with your watch. You only have to do this once. After the initial pairing, the device automatically connects to the sensor when you go for a run and the sensor is active and within range.

Note: If your Forerunner was package with a heart rate monitor, the device and the sensor are already paired.

1. Wet the backside of the heart rate monitor where it will contact your skin.

2. Put it on making sure it fits snugly with the Garmin logo right side up.

3. Bring your Forerunner within a centimeter of the heart rate monitor and click the RUN icon. Wait while the watch connects to the sensor. Make sure you are 10 metres away from other ANT+ sensors.

4. When the watch detects the heart rate monitor, a message appears on the screen and the heart icon ❤ displays solid. Your Forerunner 15 is now paired with your heart rate monitor.

Did you know?

You can set up your heart rate monitor to alert you when your heart rate is above or below the target zone or custom range you select.

Learn how to set your heart rate zone.

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