TomTom Spark Comparison: What’s the difference between each model?

Date Posted:19 January 2016 


Wearable tech looks like a trend that won’t be wearing out soon. Just recently, TomTom has released their new product range, the TomTom Spark. With multisport capabilities (running, cycling, pool swimming), activity tracking, built-in heart rate monitor, and music player, the TomTom Spark maybe the all-in-one wearable tech most runners are looking for.


This latest upgrade sort of blends the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multisport into one watch and adding the latest tech that are becoming a standard feature set for most fitness watches today. The TomTom Spark has some similar designs with previous TomTom watches but it’s lighter and has slightly smaller screen. Its strap is also noticeably slimmer and lighter.


What makes a TomTom Spark sparkle from each model?


The TomTom Spark comes in four different models.


TomTom Spark TomTom Spark Cardio TomTom Spark Music TomTom Spark Cardio + Music
TomTom Spark TomTom Spark Cardio TomTom Spark Music

To make it easy to remember, all TomTom spark models have the same core features: GPS, multisport capability, and 24/7 activity tracking. Adding the term “Cardio” means you get the built-in HRM while adding the term “Music” means you get the music playback capability. The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music would then mean you get both the built-in HRM and music player along the core features.


A Note to Triathletes


One thing you do need to consider is that TomTom use the term "multisport" to mean it has pool swim, bike, run and freestyle modes. This is different from Garmin and Suunto where "multisport" mode means you can link multiple sports together to create a "multisport" and then press the lap button during a session to quickly transition from one sport to the next.


Known for being a leader in GPS technology, TomTom is one of the first GPS watch makers to integrate an optical heart rate monitor and a music player in one watch. The TomTom Spark Music comes with 3 GB of storage you can use for your favourite songs and can be paired with a compatible Bluetooth headphones. For runners who are tired of carrying a smartphone with them while running, the TomTom Spark Music offers the perfect blend of features need for a running watch.


If you want to compare the specific features available on each of TomTom Spark models, please see the detailed feature comparison table below.


TomTom Spark Feature Comparison Table


Feature Icon

Feature Name



Spark Cardio

Spark Music

Spark Cardio Music

Over 500 Songs Of Music Storage**

Carry over 500 songs without carrying your phone.

Audio Performance Feedback Push yourself with audio feedback on your performance.

Built-in Heart-Rate Monitor

Get accurate heart rate information on your wrist.

Heart-Rate Training Zones

Run in 5 different zones to get results faster.

GPS Tracking Track your time, pace, distance and calories burned.
Multisport Mode Train in run, bike, swim, gym and treadmill modes.
24/7 Activity Tracking Capture your steps, active minutes and calories burned.

Goal Setting

Set and track your progress on daily and weekly goals.

Automatic Sleep Tracking Know if you're getting the sleep you need.

Water Resistant (up to 50 metres)

Run in all weather conditions.

Wireless Syncing

Sync your workouts wirelessly with your favorite apps.

Customizable Straps

Change your strap color to match your workout gear.

Ultra-Slim Design

Sleek and slim design provides ultra comfort during all your workouts.

Indoor Training Mode

Track your performance on the treadmill or in the gym.

Interval Training

Improve speed and fitness with customizable work-rest sessions.

Race Mode

Select one of your past performances to race against.


Which TomTom Spark GPS watch would you consider your favourite? Tell us on the comments below.

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