Top 10 Things That Would Excite Triathletes About The Garmin Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle

Date Posted:12 January 2016 

Top 10 Things That Would Excite Triathletes About The Garmin Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle

Choosing a watch for triathlon nowadays is like choosing a laptop. With so many features and models available, it can get quite confusing sometimes. This is where the Garmin Forerunner 920XT comes in. It’s one of the best all-in-one multisport watch bundle you need if you’re competing or training for the next Ironman or any other multisport event. 

Aside from the 920XT’s top-notch features, Garmin has introduced two new heart rate monitor straps, the HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim, making the Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle an excellent choice for the most complete triathlon GPS watch gear.

Here’s the top 10 things about the Garmin Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle that would excite any multisport athlete.


On the Forerunner 920XT watch

1. Activity Tracking

The activity tracking feature measures your steps, sleep and calories burned all day, giving you a more complete picture of your daily activity.

2. Smart Notification, Live Tracking, and Social Media Sharing

When you pair the 920XT with your smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app, the live tracking feature lets you see and share your stats and location on a map in real time. Smart notifications displays your email, text and other alerts on your watch when paired with a compatible smartphone. 

3. Connect IQ App
This app lets you personalise your watch by downloading new watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps.

4. Comprehensive Data
When used with the HRM-Run monitor, the 920XT can measure advanced running dynamics

  • Cadence - total steps per minute
  • Vertical oscillation - amount of “bounce” in your step
  • Ground contact time - how much time your foot spends on the ground during each step
  • VO2 max - the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise. Since oxygen is the most critical component to running a fast pace, your VO2 max is one of the best measure of your running fitness. The 920XT can also estimate this during cycling when used with a heart rate monitor and power meter.

The Forerunner 920XT also has a metronome feature with vibe and audible alerts to guide your cadence training. It also offers recovery check and recovery time. 

  • Recovery check is a real-time indication of your recovery state within the first several minutes of an aerobic activity. 
  • Recovery time indicates how long before you should attempt another hard workout. 

5. Bluetooth Smart Technology and Wi-Fi Data Transfer

The FR 920XT can transfer the data through the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app on your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart® technology. You can also set up one or more Wi-Fi® hot spots, and the 920XT will automatically sync with Garmin Connect when in range. When the 920XT is paired with your phone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app, your completed workouts can instantly upload, as well download device software update and satellite pre-population data.


On the HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim

6. Underwater Heart Rate Monitors

Forerunner 920XT captures detailed swim metrics, including distance, pace, stroke count, stroke rate and swolf score. Both HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim work as underwater heart rate monitors for open water or pool swim and can store and forward heart rate data and swim interval heart rate statistic. HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim store heart rate data when underwater, forward data to your 920XT at the end of a session and send real-time heart rate to the watch when the monitor is out of the water. 
7. Comfortable and Reliable Design

The smallest and lightest heart rate monitor, HRM-Swim is highly recommended for pool training with its unique, non-slip design that stays in place, even during wall push offs. On the other hand, HRM-Tri is ideal for swim-bike-run activities because of its soft, rounded edges and covered seams making the strap super-comfortable out of water as it is underwater. 

8. User-replaceable Battery

Both HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim use a replaceable CR2032 battery. Battery life for HRM-Tri is about 10 months (Tri training 1 hour per day), while the HRM-Swim battery life can last up 18 months (swimming 3 hours per week).


On the Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle

9. Quick Release

The 920XT Tri-bundle includes a quick release kit, which matches the Garmin Edge quarter-turn mounts that is commonly used.

10. Forerunner 920XT Watch in Black and Silver

Forerunner 920XT are available in Red/White and Black/Blue when you purchase them as watch only or the HRM-Run bundle. Only through the 920XT Tri-Bundle can you get the watch in Black/Silver.

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