Be A Better Golfer with a Golf GPS: How a Golf GPS Can Improve Your Golfing Skills?

Date Posted:8 December 2015 

Whether you’re a pro-golfer and just a beginner, a golf GPS device is one of the tools that can take your game to another level. This is because in golf, playing for position is more important that distance. It’s not about who hits the farthest, it’s about who reaches the hole in the least number of strokes. Having a bird’s eye view of the golf course would be allow you to a more strategic player than a golfer who is just concerned getting longer drives. 

Golf GPS Provide Accurate Location and Distance

In the past, it would be very difficult to pinpoint your location at a particular golf course and the hole you’re playing. Nowadays, there are golf GPS devices that show you the aerial imagery, green distances and green hazards, as well your overall scores, distances and time. Knowing your exact location in the golf course, and getting the accurate distance of your ball to the center of the green helps you make better decisions such as which club is best for each shot. Almost all golf GPS devices now comes with a shot distance feature that makes it for you easy to determine how far you need to hit with each club. 

Golf GPS Speeds Up The Game

One of the things that takes a lot of time on the golf course is the process of gauging distance. Since golf GPS devices readily displays this information, you no longer need to resort to books, brochures, or fliers to figure out where you are. The days when you need to look for that little 2-foot-tall post and manually estimate your distance to the pin are now over. This ultimately saves you from undershooting, which would require you to take more strokes that you want to, preventing you from causing unnecessary delays to the game. Using a golf GPS unit would help you lower your scores and become a more efficient player.

Golf GPS Improves Your Satisfaction to the Game

With all the benefits that a golf GPS provides, none is more important than the fact that it makes the game more satisfying. It removes the guesswork and time-consuming ways of determining distances around the golf course and make judging shots easier as you play through the scenic landscape. 

Golf GPS devices conveniently comes in different forms: handheld, wristwatch, and smartphone apps. Most GPS golf units come with built-in maps of every hole on nearly every course in North America, and let you download map updates if you want to play on a new course or are travelling other countries. Whatever your personal preferences is, a GPS golf device will give you information to play smarter and come up with the best golf tactic.

How to choose the best GPS device for you?

Here are a few questions you may want to consider when shopping for a golf GPS unit:

1.) Would you prefer a handheld, wristwatch, or smartphone app GPS device?

Handheld GPS
Handheld GPS offers bigger screens and can fit perfectly in your pocket. Most are touchscreens designed for the outdoors. 

2.6-inch Sunlight Readable
Touchscreen Displays
3-inch Colour Capacitive Touch Display
Garmin Approach G7 Garmin Approach G8


Wristwatch GPS
Wristwatch GPS devices can work as a regular timepiece for everyday use when you’re not playing in the golf course. Unlike handheld GPS units, you can view your information right on your wrist without having to grab a separate device in and out of your pocket.

Garmin Approach S2 Garmin Approach S3 Garmin Approach S4
Garmin Approach S6 Garmin vivoactive TomTom Golfer


Smartphone App

         Magellan Echo Fit is a smartwatch that you can wirelessly connect to a compatible smartphone so you can view and control your preferred golf app on your phone from your wrist.


2.) How much battery life do you want to have?

Playing golf requires you to have enough battery life to last through the final hole while the GPS is activated. Here’s how long the battery life are on some popular golf GPS devices.

  • Up to 8 hours (GPS mode)
Garmin Approach S2
3 weeks (watch mode)
Garmin Approach S3
4 weeks (watch mode)


  • Up to 10 hours (GPS mode)
Garmin Approach S4
6 weeks (watch mode)
Garmin Approach S6
20 weeks (watch mode)
Garmin vivoactive
3 weeks (watch mode)
TomTom Golfer


  • Up to 15 hours (GPS mode)

Using Internal rechargeable lithium polymer

Garmin Approach G7 Garmin Approach G8


  • Up to 6 months battery life
Magellan Echo Fit 
(CR2032 Replaceable Battery)


4.) Would you like to have daily fitness/activity tracking features?

Below are the smart sportwatches that include golf apps and step/sleep tracker to help you monitor your daily fitness activities (including a daily goal). Here are some examples:

         Garmin vivoactive
Includes a built-in GPS-enabled activity tracking app that features a step counter, sleep monitoring, auto goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal), and move bar (displays on device after a period of inactivity). 
         Magellan Echo Fit 
Activity tracking feature works without the smartphone but needs a smartphone for the golf GPS app to work. It can track steps, distance, calories burned and sleep length and pattern.


5.) Would you like to track other sports like running, cycling, and swimming as well?

If you play other sports, you might want to have a GPS watch that isn’t limited to golf. Fortunately, the following sportswatch can have various sports app that you use to track your running, cycling, and swimming metrics.

         Garmin vivoactive
Aside from being a great fitness activity tracker, this smartwatch is also a very capable GPS sportwatch for running, cycling, and swimming. The built-in accelerometer in the watch measures the pace and distance. It is waterproof up to 50 meters. You can also pair it with ANT+ heart rate monitors. 
         Magellan Echo Fit 
Acts a viewing screen for your favourite smartphone sports apps so you don't need to keep checking your smartphone's display. It’s water-resistant (good for shower) but not waterproof (not suitable for swimming). Sports data, like pace and distance, stream from your app to Echo Fit in real-time. You do have to carry your smartphone with you while running, cycling, golfing or during any other sports activities.