Infographic: Coros Watch Range Comparison Chart

Date Posted:3 February 2020 

Coros has been getting a lot of attention for producing some of best affordable premium GPS running watches. Back in 2018, it rolled out its first entry-level triathlon watch with an excellent balance of price and quality to compete with the market leaders such as Garmin and Suunto. Fast forward 2020, Coros has offered 3 other multisport and triathlon watches.
The choice between these the Coros watches depends on how you will use it. Coros Pace and Coros Apex is mainly desiged for for performance and endurance sports, including trail. On the other hand, Coros Vertix is perfect for outdoor and high mountain use. But for a combination of sports (endurance, outdoor, trail), the Apex Pro is an excellent compromise.
Infographic:  Coros Watch Range Comparison Chart
Infographic: COROS Pace, Apex, Apex Pro, and Vertix
Infographic: Coros Watch Comparison - Design, Tech Specs & Battery Life
Infographic: Coros Watch Comparison - Sensors
Infographic: Coros Watch Comparison - Training Features
Infographic: Coros Watch Comparison - Resource

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