Infographic: Garmin Vivomove HR Smartwatch Review

Date Posted:21 November 2017 

The Garmin vívomove HR is designed for those who wants a beautiful timepiece first and activity tracking functions second. It has the look of a classic analog watch and features the Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitoring and smart notifications on digital touchscreen display.
The two hands on the smartwatch show the time and automatically move out when viewing messages on the display. The hidden display appears when you raised your wrist to view the time.
Vívomove HR counts steps, intensity minutes, sleep, stairs climbed and more, and reminds you when you'vee been still for too long. It also comes preloaded with profiles for walking, running, cardio and strength training. It includes helpful fitness monitoring tools including VO2 max and fitness age which provide you with valuable data to monitor changes in your fitness level.
The all-day stress tracking feature not only displays current stress levels by measuring HRV (heart rate variability), it also offers a Four-Fold Breath relaxation timer to promote on the spot stress relief.
Learn more about it on the Garmin vivomove HR infographic below.
Infographic: Garmin vivomove HR Smartwatch Activity Tracker Review
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