Nokia Steel HR Smart Watch Product Review

Date Posted:23 February 2018 

Nokia Steel HR Smartwatch Review


What is it?

Smart watches are not known to be elegant, classy, or stylish. If you’re going to a corporate meeting or a formal event, you wouldn’t make them your first choice as far timepiece is concerned. This comes to an end with the Nokia Steel HR. Finally, a sexy smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts.

Nokia Steel HR has that classic analog watch look but with the awesome features of a daily activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and smartwatch. It’s minimalist yet stylish design won’t be mistaken for modern wearable tech gadget until you push the side button. This button disguised as a crown wakes up the small digital display that shows your fitness stats.


Design: What You Would Love About It

Nokia Steel HR is intended for those would like to wear a traditional watch but can still track your daily fitness activities. It has a mechanical hand for hours and minutes but not for seconds. The watch face features two sub-dials: a round monochrome OLED display at the top and an activity subdial on the bottom.

Tapping the crown reveals the hidden yet useful information you would expect from a daily fitness tracker such as your current heart rate, steps walked, calories burned, and distance traveled. The small monochrome screen will also display the battery life, phone calls, letting you know from whom the call or message is coming from.

The activity subdial on the bottom has a mechanical hand that moves throughout the day to give you an idea of your fitness tracking progress. It’s out of a 100 percent, so if you’re trying to hit 10,000 steps a day and you’re at 5,000, the hand will sit at the 6 o’clock mark. This a simple yet effective way of showing how close you are to your goal for the day.


Construction, Colours and Sizes

The polished stainless-steel casing of the Nokia Steel HR is sleek and thin giving it a premium feel. The watch face is covered by mineral glass. The overall design results in a slimmer profile than most average watches.

Nokia Steel HR Smartwatch 40mm

It’s available in two sizes: 36mm and 40mm variant. The 40mm variant has minute indicators around the bezel while the 36mm size option does not. The 40mm model is only available with a black watch face and a gray case while the 36mm models comes in a white or black face, and a gray or rose gold case.

Nokia Steel HR Smartwatch Models

By default, the Steel HR comes with a quick-release silicone strap which is durable and comfortable on your wrist. Nokia does sell replacement straps for the Steel HR: two are leather (black or brown), two are woven and six are silicone coming in different colours.

You can get the 36mm silicone straps in grey, white, blue, red, purple, and navy while the 40mm straps are available in blue or red only. The silicone straps are great when you’re working out or swimming while the leather and woven straps look are more suited when you’re going to formal occasions and business meetings.


Activity Tracking Features You Would Find Useful

Nokia Steel HR Smartwatch Features

Aside from the 24/7 activity tracking features, the Steel HR also automatically detects if you’re running, swimming and a host of other workouts from ping-pong to volleyball to dancing.

Just log your activities in Nokia Health Mate app and soon Steel HR will know and track all your moves. It’s water resistant up to 50 metres so you don’t have to take it off while taking a shower or washing the dishes.

Although it does not have GPS, the built-in motion sensors of the Steel HR can still accurately record your distances. The wrist-based optical heart rate monitor is also surprisingly spot on giving you reliable heart rate data. 

One of the impressive thing the Steel HR offers its low power consumption. Its lithium-ion battery will go on for about 25 days depending on how often the heart rate monitor is enabled. Charging really works well with its magnetic charging cradle which only takes about a couple of hours to get back to 100%.

Nokia Steel HR Smartwatch Instruction Manual

App Interface

Nokia Healthmate app

To fully take advantage of the Nokia Steel HR, you will have to download the Nokia Health Mate app. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth. The Health Mate app is simple to set up, and offers a clean and well-organized graphic layout making it very easy to dive into the recorded fitness data from your Steel HR.


Our Verdict

The Nokia Steel HR gives you the best of both worlds of an analog watch design and an activity tracker with heart rate monitoring. It’s for those fitness enthusiasts that put style and fashion first and then the modern features of an excellent fitness smart watch.


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