Infographic: How To Choose The Best Multisport Watch

Date Posted:28 November 2016 

Having a GPS watch that you can use for a variety of sports is very convenient. This is especially true for those who compete in multisport events such as triathlons or duathlons. A GPS watch lets you track important metrics during your training and on the actual competition.
Generally, a basic multisport GPS watch would let you use it for swimming, biking, and running. However, there are a lot of multisport watches that can be used for other sports. Some new models feature built-in heart rate monitor and activity tracking.
The infographic below will guide you in choosing which is the best multisport watch according to your needs.
How to choose the best multisport watch
Multisport watch for swimming, cycling, and running
Multisport GPS watch for triathlon
Multisport watch for triathlon and outdoor navigation
Multisport watch with built-in heart rate monitor
Multisport watch with activity tracking
Battery Life of Garmin, TomTom, and Suunto Multisport GPS Watches
Multisport Sport water rating, smart notifications, Alerts, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Connectivity comparison
Resource Page Infographic: Choosing The Best Multisport Watch

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