Infographic: How To Choose The Right Activity Tracker For You

Date Posted:7 November 2016 

Activity trackers have been popular for people who would like to measure their daily activities such as the distance walked, number of steps, and calories burned. Tracking this information on a consistent basis can motivate and guide you on how you're doing in maintaining an active lifestyle.

Since there are dozens of fitness bands available right now offering you different features from basic step counting to advanced running dynamics, you need to figure out which wearable has the features you will really need and use. Here's a great infographic that would help you in choosing the best activity tracker for you.

Buying Guide Infographic: How To Choose The Right Activity Tracker or Fitness Band For You
Infographic: What information/metrics do you want an activity tracker to track
Infographic: Activity Trackers with Heart Rate Monitoring and Smart Notification
Infographic: Running Activity Trackers with GPS, Heart Rate Monitoring, Smart Notification
Infographic: Multisport Activity Trackers with GPS, HRM, Smart Notification
Infographic: Activity Tracker Battery Life Comparison (Garmin vivofit, vivosmart, forerunner, TomTom Spark Cardio, TomTom Touch
Infographic: Activity Tracker Battery Life of Garmin Forerunner 735XT and TomTom Spark Cardio
Infographic: Activity Tracker Water Rating Comparison Garmin and TomTom
Infographic: Choosing The Right Activity Tracker Resource Page

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