A Week with the Garmin Forerunner 25

Author: Byron Parish   Date Posted:14 August 2016 


Ergonomic. Compact. Flexible.


These are the first three things you notice when you attach the Garmin Forerunner 25 to your wrist and begin to walk.


As the steps begin to tally, you can immediately tell this GPS sports watch is unlike the others.


My first impression of this watch was its ability to influence how you think about how active you are being at any one time. I found myself constantly checking the number of steps I had taken, updating the daily step goals and creating a personal challenge too best that number the next day.


The outlay is simple, with an array of performance stats available to scroll through via the return button on the bottom left hand side of the watch face. The backlight is a useful tool for those seeking to run, walk, cycle or train at night without hindering performance (or sapping too much of its battery life). The options button, located at the bottom right-hand side of the watch face, allows users to scroll through Bluetooth notifications, run and exercise history and settings. The run function is relatively fool-proof to operate, and saves all completed runs to the history folder.


Using the “Basic” run option, users trigger the link between the watch and GPS signal. It tracks important KPI’s, such as; distance, pace, calories burned, time and laps (which can be customised through the settings function). This was a particularly useful tool for gauging the distance I had racked up in one night of football training, and could very easily be used as a training tool for any amateur or professional athlete.


Another impressive feature of the Forerunner 25 is its ability to avoid impacting negatively on training. Its slender build hugs your wrist and stays out of the way, all the while it records the session and provides real-time updates when required.


The watch is able to be synced with the Garmin Mobile App or with the online Garmin Connect program, and this more accurately measures the users position on the ground. This feature allowed me to upload my run onto Garmin Connect, where I was able to view all of my KPI’s and track my position at any one moment across the night of training.


This is incredibly useful for people looking to enhance any aspect of their training regime, or even provide an interesting insight into exercise for those who hold a keen interest.


In essence, the Garmin Forerunner 25 is an exceptional sports watch, with a terrific online and mobile presence that enhances users’ experience, and actively engages in their day-to-day performance.


From the novice athlete to the elite runner, the Forerunner 25 is suitable for a wide range of fitness and training needs.

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